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About us
Where do you start ? How do you tell a good supplier from poor ? What are the qualities that make the difference between an ‘OK’ job and one you’ll be proud to show people ?

As with most professional services, the answer lies in the attitude of the people who do the work. If they take pride in their ability to achieve an outstanding result, then that’s almost certainly what you’ll get. With Potato Print, that’s the only kind of person you’ll meet.

Since Potato Print was launched eight years ago, print and production technologies have shifted the boundaries of the possible to an extent that would have seemed unimaginable at the time. So you need people at the sharp end who understand the latest options and how to exploit them to get the best result and the best quality and value for money.

Offering everything from photography, design and artwork, direct mail through to merchandise sourcing and print production, our Potato philosophy is to make every job that comes our way every bit as good as our professional skills and the available technology will allow.

And however large or small the job, we’ll find a way to help you achieve a stunning result, delivered on time and within budget.
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